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Annual inspection and maintenance


The prupose of a sprinkler and fire extinguishing system is to protect lives ans property. There is rarely a serious fire in buildings that are fully protected by well-maintained installations. And it's up to you, whether your owner or tenant, that it is behove to maintain in good condition the fire protection system. Altrough robust and durable, a fire protection system requires regular maintenance so that it can perform its protective function effectively and safely.


Sprinklers are the most effective way to fight a fire. A sprinkler system instantly detects the first signs of fire and souds the alarm, alerts firefighters, extinguishes flames or keeps them under control without spreading them. It does not require any human intervention, it uses effective extinguishing agents and adapts to all types of construction, even the most complex.



Fire insurance


The installation of a sprinkler system significantly reduces your insurance premiums, regardless of the type of building. It is also very important to consider your obligations regarding insurance contract. Fire insurance contract expressly and tacilty require at least one annual inspection executed by a specialist.



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Effective fire-protection products





  • Pendants, upright, wall-mounted, recessed
  • Windows sprinklers
  • Dry sprinklers (pendant or wall-mounted)
  • ESFR and increased coverage





  • Schedule 10 and 40 black
  • Stainless
  • Schedule 10 and 40 galvalnized
  • Plastic (PVC)





  • Underwater system
  • Compressed air system
  • Deluge system
  • Single or double interlock system
  • Oil protection system
  • Water sprinkler system
  • Foam system
  • Gas system
  • Cyclical and system





  • Electric and/or diesel





  • Portable extinguisher
  • Fire hose cabinet
  • Extinguisher cabinet
  • Fire hose station and fire department connection