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Eclair Group specializes in the construction, modernization, repair, maintenance and inspection of all types of fire protection systems in the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors.


Over the years, the innovative Eclair Group team has developed unparalleled know-how in order to meet the needs of its clients, which include company managers, engineers, building owners and construction contractors, among others.


At Eclair Group, we are attentive to the needs of our clients, and we recommend solutions adapted to those needs that meet the latest building fire protection standards. Browse through some of our most impressive residential and industrial achievements.


Whether you require protection for an industrial or commercial building, airport, mining infrastructure, military base, aircraft hangar or a new or existing residential building, we guarantee maximal security for every project that is entrusted to us.


A number of options are available to you, from fixed-price contracts to turnkey programs.


Professional development:
A force for growth


All Eclair Group employees are familiar with the many facets of the company. We place high priority on keeping pace with constant technological developments.

The history of Eclair Group


Founded in 1976, Eclair Group has shown a tremendous capacity for adapting to the constant evolution of its markets over the years. As a result, GE has grown in stature in the sprinkler sector, becoming one of the true leaders in the industry.


On December 1, 2008, the company welcomed new ownership, with Martin Marcoux assuming the position of Chief Executive Officer, and Gilles Guimond taking on the role of Site Supervisor and Head of Installation.


The dynamism and the experience of the new owners have allowed the company to quadruple its profitability following the implementation of many new contracts.

At Eclair Group, Design is the Key to Effectiveness


Of all of the steps leading to the installation of a sprinkler system, there is no doubt that design is among the most important. The system must be capable of meeting the specific needs of each environment in every respect.


Our highly specialized personnel are experts at designing customized installation plans using the latest advances in computer-assisted technology, including AutoCAD, HydraCAD and Revit MEP).